Leading Power Electronics Services

Design and construction

• Design and construction of AC and DCpower supplies in a wide range of power
• Design and construction of AC and DCengine drivers with the implementation of control algorithm and soft startup
• Design and construction of constant and pulsed high voltage power supply
• Design and construction of inductors, capacitors, resistors and transformers in a wide range of current, voltage and frequency

Management and power quality

• Management and power quality
• Provide high quality, uninterrupted power supply structures
• Power management with advanced microcontroller structures, PLC, HMI, Wincc
• Monitoring, measurement and protection


Maintenance and Repair

• Installation of advanced power electronic products
• Repair, maintenance, warranty and support of power electronics equipment

Reverse Engineering

• Reverse Engineering
• Prototype of products and elements of power electronics
• Upgrade and optimize power electronics equipment
• Reverse engineering of advanced electronic boards


abroad order

• Advice on choosing and replacing electronic components
• Supply electronic components from reputable sources
• Import parts from all the world's leading brands
• Deliver the piece at the company's premises
• Guaranteeing electronic components

Training and consultation

• Holding power electronic training courses in factories and industries (power supplies, high voltage, noise and harmonics)
• Consulting, analyzing, investigating and providing solutions in the field of Power electronics