June 8, 2019
High Voltage Power supply
June 8, 2019
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Leading Power Electronics company offers a complete set of transformer types in the widespread range of voltage, current, isolation and frequency, with various structures for applications of power electronics and power systems. Because of the possibility of changing the behavior of the transformer at high frequencies due to the presence of parasitic elements, Leading Power Electronics company can analyze the transformer frequency behavior by using advanced equipment such as RLC digital frequency meter frequency capability and step response checking. The construction and reverse engineering field provides existing samples for use in switching power supplies and precise applications. Some kinds of transformer types of the company can be in the form of transformer 50 Hz single-phase and three-phases, 400 Hz single-phase and three-phases transformer, high frequency transformers (100 kHz) for use in switching power supplies, voltage transformers and current transformers,  The high voltage transformer (100 kV) with high-isolation, high-current transformer (up to 10 kA), ring-shaped transformers, oily and dry transformers, single-phase autotransformers, and fixed and variable three-phase boosters and reducers . Parameters for selecting or designing and manufacturing transformers are power, voltage, current, frequency and isolation.

  1. High power density
  2. High flow density and flux density
  3. Lack of harmonics in current and voltage
  4. No noise at operational mode
  5. Low noload current
  6. No saturation in the range of voltage definition
  7. Possibility to create a tap in the coil
  8. Designing and manufacturing of high frequency transformers, flyback, forward, pushpull, full bridge
  9. Specific frequency behavior

Wide range


Wide range


0 to 500KHz


Over 97%

work Temprature

-25°C to +50°C

Storage temperature

-40°C to + 85°C