Switching Power Supply
June 8, 2019
June 8, 2019
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Leading Power Electronics company  offers a set of passive elements such as resistors, inductors and capacitors in a wide range of voltage, current, capacitance and frequency, with various structures for application in the field of power electronics and power system. Because of the possibility of changing the behavior of the passive elements at high frequencies due to the existence of parasitic elements, Leading Power Electronics company using advanced equipment such as RLC digital meters with the ability to plot frequency response and check the response of the step function, can control the frequency behavior of the element Analyzes the above and provide the reverse engineering and construction of existing samples according to the order for usage in switching power supplies and precise applications. In addition to the extensive use of passive elements in electronic boards for different purposes, we can list some other industrial applications of these elements as follows:


Resistor is used In the exact measuring equipment (voltage and current), dummy load, high power variable resistance, ground resistance (NGR) as a limiter and ground protection.


Inductor is used in harmonic removal filters, resonant structures to reduce flow, reduce switching current overhead and magnetic energy storage.


Capacitor is used in harmonic filter removal, power factor correction, use in electrical measuring equipment and storage.

Some of the parameters that influence the selection or design and construction of the resistance,  losses, accuracy (in measuring applications), the amount of energy dissipation in the short time in selecting the current conductor, operating frequency, saturation range, and in selecting the voltage of the operational voltage And parasitic elements. According to the customer’s requirements, it is possible to custom-tailor the desired product in terms of electrical and mechanical characteristics.

  1. Low volume and weight compared to capacity and power
  2. Providing a high instantaneous current
  3. Possibility of high power dissipation
  4. No change in the values of the elements due to temperature changes (for measuring applications)
  5. Very small Ripple in filtering applications
  6. No saturation in the flow and definition frequency of inductor
  7. Specific frequency behavior

Wide range


Wide range


0 to 500KHz

work Temprature

-25°C to +50°C

Storage temperature

-40°C to + 85°C