June 8, 2019
high voltage modular laboratory
June 8, 2019
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High Voltage Power supply

Leading Power Electronics company with its many years of experience and knowledge in the field of high voltage AC, DC and pulse power supplies (with ns width), has always been a leader innovator in designing and manufacturing high-reliability power supplies, suitable output voltage regulation, acceptable rejection, high efficiency, fast dynamic response, low EMI problems, and very fast consumer protection against stored energy. Switching power supply sources have a wide range of applications in various medical, industrial, and research laboratories. Some uses of the above sources in plasma and ozone generators, lasers, electrostatic filters, X-ray tubes, combustion, insulating, dielectric and corona tests, staining, accelerators, electrostatic precipitations, powder separation and transfer Ion. These structures have a variety of mechanical appearance, including resin molded slabs, stacks and racks, industrial boards, portable structures and custom modes for applications with limited space. The control structure of the above resources can be closed loop in a constant voltage or constant current mode so that changes in load and input voltage and other parameters of the converter in the output domain will not change. High frequency transformer restrictions as one of the key components of high switching power sources play a significant role in the selection of the converter topology and its control algorithm. The two factors of high conversion ratio and isolation, exacerbate the effect of parasitic elements in the behavior of the transformer and eventually a high voltage converter. Considering that it is not possible to reduce the effect of parasitic elements from a certain limit, Leading Power Electronics company used resonant power supplies with the use of the above parasitic elements to enable the ZVS and ZCS soft switching, the reduction of di / dt, dv / dt. According to the customer’s requirements, it can be customized to design the desired structure in terms of electrical and mechanical characteristics with the ability to program the output for a particular waveform. It should be noted that Leading Power Electronics company has been designing and manufacturing a variety of connectors and high voltage insulators with an insulation power of up to 200 kV, which can be ordered separately.

  1. Low volume, weight and high power density
  2. Active PFC
  3. Precise voltage regulation
  4. Fast Dynamic Response
  5.  Very low Ripple on output using active compensators
  6. Very fast load protection (about ns)
  7. EMI filters
  8. Ability to switch off and on by remote control
  9. Overload protection, over voltage, high temperature, short circuit, input voltage reduction, reverse voltage polarity
  10. Fan failure protection
  11. High reliability (MTBF over 100,000 hours)
  12. RS485 and RS232 communication capabilities
Input Voltage

Wide range

Output Voltage

Wide range

Output Current

Wide range

Output power

1 W to 50 KW


125% for 5 min

Power factor

Over 92%


Over 85%


Less than 1%

Voltage regulation

±1% output voltage

work Temprature

-25°C to +50°C

Storage temperature

-40°C to + 85°C


Brushless fan