Single-input multi-output power supply with a maximum current of 300 mA per output Production Code: DC005
June 15, 2019
single phase Full sine wave inverter with 2000 watt Production Code: AC001
June 15, 2019
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Flyback converter with network input and dc output of 5 or 12 V Production Code: DC006

This product converts the network’s voltage to dc voltage and uses two versions (DC12V 1.5A or DC5V 2A) by using the flyback structure. The flyback structure with the use of a high frequency transformer allows the isolation between the input and output under a suitable power density. This product includes board, components required for assembly, manuals, and educational video. It is possible to receive the assembled board as well as a board with a custom voltage and current display.

  • Precise voltage regulation
  • Small size and high power density
  • high efficiency
  • Over-current protection, short-circuit , overload and high temperature
Input voltage

AC100-265V 50 / 60Hz

Output voltage

DC 12V 1.5A or DC 5V 2A



Switching frequency

150 KHz

Output Voltage Ripple

0.01% of the output voltage

PCB size

6.7 × 3.2 mm


Manuals and video tutorials for the operation and assembly of the board together with the product is presented