Voltage and current display Production Code: PR001
June 15, 2019
function Generator Production Code: PR003
June 15, 2019
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AC voltage Dimmer 1500 Watt Production Code: PR002

This product is used for chopping the ac voltage and can receive the network power input, and by changing the angle of the thyristor, the voltage RMS changes the output and for applications that require to change voltage, such as changing the light intensity or motor speed is used. This product includes the board, components required for assembly, manuals, and educational video. Possibility to receive assembled range, transformer level change, as well as input and output voltage display board.

  • Chopping voltage up to 220 volts AC
  • Symmetry in the cut-off of positive and negative waveforms
  • Two-way switches for preventing voltage and current spikes


Input voltage

AC 220V

Output voltage

AC 0 to 220V


±12 V

PCB size

48 × 35 × 28 mm


Manuals and video tutorials for the operation and assembly of the board together with the product is presented