Leading Power Electronics company offers a complete set of improved power quality structures with a variety of structures. In order to manage power distribution and control, the company has been designing and manufacturing Power Distribution Units (PDUs) with different and isolated AC and DC outputs in a wide range of power for use in the oil and gas industries, power plants, chemical industry and steel industries. Due to the industry's need and improvement in consumer electric power quality, the company has a complete set of types of stabilizers and voltage and current regulators with complete and pseudo sinusoidal output for commercial, industrial and household applications in single phase, three-phase and modular power One to 100 KVA is designed in a variety of relay, servo, thyristor and switching modes. Another structure that can be used to improve the quality of electrical power for domestic and industrial consumers are uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) that are designed and built in the company. Leading Power Electronics company's power quality products are generally divided into three categories of uninterruptible power supplies, stabilizers, and power distribution. Below is the product link for each category.