Leading Power Electronics company has assembled a series of passive elements such as resistors, inductors and capacitors in the wide range of voltage, current, frequency and also types of transformer in the wide range of voltage, current, isolation and frequency, with various structures for use in the field of power electronics and system. Some kinds of transformer of company can be transformer 50 Hz single-phase and three-phase, 400 Hz single phase and three phase transformer, high frequency transformers (100 kHz) for use in switching power supplies, voltage and current transformers, High voltage isolation transformers (100 kV) with high isolation, high-current transformer (up to 10 kA), ring transformers, oily and dry transformers, booster and reducer and also single-phase and three-phase autotransformers are fixed and variable. The products of the Leading power electronics products are divided into two general categories: 1. Resistors, inductors and capacitors 2. Transformer. Below is the product link for each category.