High Voltage

Leading Power Electronics company With years of experience and knowledge in the field of high voltage AC, DC and pulse power supplies (with ns width) and modular pressure laboratory equipment, the company has always been a leading innovator in designing and manufacturing power supplies High reliability, proper output voltage regulation, acceptable rejection, high efficiency, fast dynamic response, low EMI problems, and very fast consumer protection against stored energy. Some applications of the above sources in plasma and ozone production, laser, electrostatic filters, x-ray tubes, combustion, insulating, dielectric and corona tests, staining, electrophoresis, accelerators, electrostatic precipitations, powder separation And ion transfer. Laboratory equipment can also be used to test high-voltage cables and high-voltage capacitors, test the pollution of high-voltage insulators, test the partial discharge of products, test on the distribution network equipment and test the insulation strength on industrial oils. Leading Power Electronics company's high-voltage products are divided into two general categories of high-voltage equipment and high-voltage laboratory equipment. Below is the product link for each category.