Leading Power Electronics company also has a variety of products in the field of power electronics education. The company's educational product approach is creating a platform for increasing learning speed and avoiding waste of time, because Leading Power Electronics company believes that if the early steps in the electronic discussion of power electronics are rightly taken, it will make the route more smooth for the enthusiasts. In this section, we will cover the following:
DC Power Supplies such as Classic Converters: Buck, Boost and Buck Boost.
Inverters like single-phase and three-phase structures and so on.
Functional circuits such as current and voltage display, dimmer, generator function and so on.
Educational courses that focus on a specialized review of a specific structure from a functional point of view.
These structures are varied in terms of appearance, power and application, and are available to the user for assembly so that they can fully understand the process. Any suggestion to design and construct various educational ideas in the field of power electronics by educational institutions and active universities by Leading Power Electronics company can be investigated and done professionally. Below are links to products designed in this section.