DC Converter

Leading Power Electronics company offers a set of DC power supplies needed by the industry in a wide range of power using different structures. One of the applications of the above mentioned sources for use as laboratory power supplies, audio amplifiers, instrumentation laboratories, feeding of electrostatic filters, submersible power supply, copper ingot, zinc, aluminum, plating, desalination, Protecting pipes and metal structures from corrosion (cathodic protection), industrial droplets, office chargers, industrial and telecommunication, voltage regulators, LED drivers, DC motor drivers. These structures have a great variety of mechanical appearance, including molded slabs in brushes, stacks of stands and racks, portable structures and custom modes for applications with limited space. The company's power supplies have a robust structure for long term operation and reliable performance against severe noise, humidity and noise related issues and EMI. The power supply designed in Leading Power Electronics company is divided into three general categories of linear power supply, switching and rectifiers. Below is the product link for each category.