AC Converter

Leading Power Electronics company offers AC converters with diverse structures to suit the needs of the industry. Structures are mechanically diverse, including stadium racks, industrial boards and custom modes for applications with limited space. The converters of this company have a robust structure for long term operation and reliable performance against severe noise, humidity and noise related issues and EMI. It should be noted that the AC converters in various cases such as three-phase and single-phase industrial drives for use in agricultural pumps, elevators, production lines, industrial plants for controlling speed and torque, adaptation of speed and torque for rotation of the engine, Solar panels, power supplies in pivotal and shipping units with precise regulation, ozone generating power supply, induction furnaces, instrumentation labs, and a variety of industrial tester can be used. AC power supplies of Leading Power Electronics are divided into three general categories of 50 Hz inverters, 400 Hz inverters, frequency converters. Below are links to each product category.