Leading Power Electronics company has been operating since 2011 in the field of designing, manufacturing, supplying, matching and repairing various types of equipment and power electronic converters. The company product and supply specific products in the field of power electronics with a principled and scientific attitude and with the backing of a highly skilled, experienced and young team with up to date knowledge, creativity and innovation. Leading Power Electronics company has always been trying to solve the needs of various industries such as oil and gas, power plants, railways and marine, chemical, steel and laboratory tester. The strategic approach of the company is to emphasis on research and development with the aim of acquiring new technical knowledge, using up-to-date technologies, observing standards, developing activities in new fields and exporting their products abroad. Leading Power Electronics company believes that its customers not only by contractors apart from themselves but also by partners who succeed in their success. Therefore, as each organization tries to strengthen its relationships with its partners and employees, we are also looking for a stable, continuous and solid relationship with our customers as a business partner to achieve the same goal.